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Speaker Short Biography

  • Rong Chen

    Vice President of Biocytogen

    Chief Medical Officer, Eucure Biopharma

    Short Biography

    Dr Rong Chen is currently the VP of Biocytogen and Chief Medical Officer of Eucure Biopharma responsible for clinical development worldwide. Before joining Eucure, Dr. Chen was the Chief Medical Officer for Citrine Medicine, JHL Biotech, Phagelux and CASI Pharmaceuticals. He has been VP and Medical Head in China and/or Asia Pacific area for several multinational pharmaceutical companies, including Sanofi, Bayer Schering Pharma and GSK, with key responsibilities for new product development, medical affairs and registration. He also served as the Company Representative for GSK China. He has more than 30 years experience in pharmaceutical industry, with broad experiences from drug Research & Development, drug evaluation, regulatory affairs, medical affairs and drug safety. He received Florey Followship of Roayal Adelaide Hospital, and research fund from NHM&RC of Australia. He worked in the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia for drug evaluation and registration. Dr. Rong Chen received a Medical Degree from Shandong Medical University and a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology from Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia.