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  • 杨宏钧




    Dr. Yang is a well-established, passionate and dynamic executive in biomedical and pharmaceutical industry and academia with diversified multidisciplinary background and extensive experience in Research and Development management, technical innovation, corporate development, global business development and collaboration, long-term strategic planning, quality management system (QMS), clinical trial operation (IND, CTP, HGR), and compliance with the regulations (CLIA, CAP, GXP), chemical manufacturing control (CMC), commercialization and product launching in diagnostics, medical devices, biopharmaceutical industries and specialized in precision medicine, biomarkers & diagnostics, public health, etc. Dr. Yang was the original developer of electrochemiluminescence (ECL) technology and its instrumentation which is exclusively owned by Roche diagnostics. He is a pioneer for flow-thru DNA chip technology, human genome HapMap program, gene expression database, NGS platform design, biomarkers and companion diagnostics for precision medicine. Dr. Yang also initiated CRO service for multi-national pharmaceuticals. Currently he is working on big data and AI and their applications in biopharmaceutical industry. Dr. Yang is the founder and co-director of the committee for precision medicine under Chinese Society of Biotechnology.