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Forum Overview

China and Asia over the decades has been playing an increasingly important role in the context of clinical research activities due to the significant scientific investment by multinational companies as well as rapidly booming China domestic R&D programs. In past few years, the China regulatory agency has also issued several regulations and initiatives to accelerate the review and approval and improve the quality of new drugs and medical devices. With the joining of ICH in 2017, the government is continuing to improve the regulatory standards and systems to promote innovation, enhance the R&D ecosystem. And the scale, complexity and cost of clinical trials have simultaneously and exponentially increased. However, the drug development is fraught with all kinds of challenges which needs innovation, efficiency and collaboration. With further advancement in new technologies and digital innovation, the pharma/biotech industry are also poised to capitalize on these advancements to innovate existing clinical trial processes and systems.

In return, the Clinical Development and Innovation Forum 2022 will gather leaders and scientists across pharma, biotech and academia for discussions and cases studies on the major topics including: Robust Clinical and Regulatory Strategy, Next Generation Clinical Trials, Oncology and Immuno-Oncology Drug Development, Clinical Biomarkers and Companion Diagnostics, Cellular Immunotherapy and Gene Therapy Development, Rare Diseases, Data Science and Digital Innovation, China Domestic R&D Innovation, Innovative Clinical Design and Patient Strategies towards the Efficient and GCP-compliant Drug Development in the era of Precision Medicine.

Conference Sessions include:

Session 1: Clinical and Regulatory Strategy, Next Generation Clinical Trials
Session 2: Oncology and Immuno-Oncology Drug Development
Session 3: Cellular Immunotherapy, Gene Therapy, Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy Development
Session 4: Neurodegenerative Diseases, AutoImmune Diseases and Anti-Viral Therapy Development
Session 5: Biomarkers, Companion Diagnostics and Translational Medicine
Session 6: Biotherapeutics, Bispecific Antibodies and ADC 
Session 7: China Domestic New Drug Development and Translational Research
Sesison 8: Innovative Clinical Design and Biostatistics
Session 9: Early and Exploratory Drug Development Strategies
Session 10: Clinical Operation Excellence, Digital Innovation, Virtual Trials, AI and Big Data

Currently we are receiving the podium/poster abstracts. If you are working in the above areas, you are invited to submit a proposal. For more information, please contact

Wei Zhang
Program Manager
Organizing Committee
Phone: +86-150-0198-5401